Kulturskolan Södertälje

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          Web design and graphic profile for the Art and Music School in Södertälje (Kulturskolan). Illustrations by Kilian Eng.


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I helped Special Branding Projects with the redesign of Sway Dance Academys web site. Concept: Fredrik Forsling Graphic Design: Esa Tanttu Copy: Gottfried Gemzell Video: Andreas Eidhagen Photo: Johan Sjöbäck Programming: BombayWorks    

A Time for Everything

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Record cover for jazz artist Gunilla Törnfeldt’s debut album A Time for Everything. The graphic design for the cd cover is, like the music, built on contrasts. One side is white, the other one is black. The horizontal format and … Continue reading

The Forest & The Trees

photo the forest and the trees © 2010 admin. All rights reserved.

Who wants a record cover nowadays? This is an alternative package for The Forest & The Trees debut album. It contains a code to download a digital version of the album. Numbered edition of 50. Art work and hand printed … Continue reading


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        In co-operation with cretive director Johan Ronnestam I worked on the graphic guidelines and also executed many of the pieces. More about the project on Ronnestams blog.


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Together with Lisa Tanttu. An ongoing project. So far we have photographed Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Read more at urbnCal.com


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  “There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.”

Royal Academy of Music

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The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, produces more than 100 concerts a year. I spent 6 months (2006) working part-time designing posters, ads and programmes. I could work quite freely, so for me it was an excersise in … Continue reading